Preparation of manuscripts

    Title should be concise but informative enough to summarize distinctively the content of the paper.

    Authors: names and addresses of all the authors as well as the telephone number and e-mail address of the corresponding author should be provided.

    Abstract should be an informative summary(about 100 words) rather than an introduction of the paper.  The abstract should be adequate as an index to the treated subject in the paper,presenting concisely the objective,methodology used and results obtained.  The descriptive words, mathematical equation(s), reference(s), nonstandard symbol(s), abbreviation(s) and footnote(s) should not appear in the abstract.

    CLC numbers: each manuscript should contain the China Library Classification (CLC) number(s). The set of codes was formulated by Chinese Library Classification,fourth edition,Beijing.Library Press,China,1999(www.hzu.com.cn/journal/zzck/flf.htm).It should be no more than three index numbers in each manuscript,and the principal code should be placed first.  If authors are new to the CLC,our editors would be in charge of it.

    Main body of the paper should include all informative contents in the paper with out subtitles.

    Mathematical equations should be neatly typed, and numbered on the right in the order of appearance in the text. Mathematical operative signs indicating continuity of the expression should be placed at the left of the second and succeeding lines. Use "x" rather than a centered dot, except for scalar products of vectors. The solidus "/" should be used instead of built-up fractions in running text.Use "exp" for complicated exponents.

    Notations must be legible, clear, compact, and consistent with standard usage. All unusual symbols must be identified at the first time they appear. Scripts or superscripts must be comprehensible. Physical and mathematical variables should be in italic, and vectors should be in italic boldface. Quantity's units should be upright. It is needed to add notes to explain any other special symbols.

    Figures should be with high contrast, suitable for immediate reproduction, typed on separate sheets and numbered in the order of appearance in the text to identify. In the figures, the main lines should be two times of the assistant ones in width.  Captions of figures should be clear and unambiguous and complete.  The positions of figures should be marked in the text by boxes.  For photographs, the original ones must be supplied with good contrast and distinguishability.

    Tables should be numbered in the order of appearance in the text,and they should have captions that make the tables intelligible without reference to the text.The structure should be clear, with simple column headings and their units.

    References  should be numbered consecutively in the order of the first time citation in the text and marked in the text with a superscript number. A list of the references must be given at the end of the text. The references should be made according to thereference template listed in the “Style  Guide and Template for OEL.doc”.

    New! Style Guide and Template for OEL[2021-12].doc





    Submission of manuscripts

    The submitted manuscripts should be the original work of the authors that has not been previously published in a refereed journal and it is not currently under consideration for publication elsewhere.

    Each manuscript should be no more than five journal pages .

    The text of the manuscript is prepared by using Microsoft word , and should be typed on one side only of A4 pages using font size 10.5 of Times New Roman typeface.The manuscripts should be submitted by www.oelett.com or www.oelett.net. Make sure that all the references in the list are with their titles. Chinese authors should supply the Chinese title and abstract after the main body of your paper. It is welcome to suggest possible reviewers for the manuscript, with full information on the postal and e-mail addresses, telephone and fax numbers.